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Gaming links of stuff my boys and I play. Only if it's useful.

PC - Might and Magic

TELP's MM6 Tavern links to MM7-MM9 Taverns The Spoiler - MM6 Walkthrough
Pottsland - All things MM6 The Spoiler - MM7 Walkthrough
Pottsland - All things MM7 Nothing But MM7 links
MM6 Character Sheets MM7 Character Sheets

PC - Baldur's Gate

Planet Baldur's Gate Forums Includes IWD, Planescape Torment Forums Bioware Home Page

Neverwinter Nights

Bioware's Neverwinter Nights Home Page Direct to NWN and BG Forums

Electronic Gaming Sites

EBGames Release dates, reviews, all platforms 1up.com Release dates, reviews, all platforms

Pencil and Paper, or tabletop, Gaming

Hackmaster Association Of which I, and two of my boys, are proud, card-carrying members. Role-playing with attitude and humor. Hoody-hoo!
SV Games Games and accessories