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Canadian Food Like Tim Horton's Coffee. Order it. Italian Beef Chicago Italian Beef! Sherry and Carolynn sent me some for Father's Day. Yum.
Wine Country Gift baskets of food and wine. Very nice!


Mapquest Real men don't -ask- for directions... AnnualCreditReport (Must enable cookies)
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service


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Fark.com Weird news Stumbleupon Random web stuff
Break.com Picture and video goodness Dave's Daily Funny news and videos
IMDB.com Internet Movie Data Base Evil Overlord... Thanks, Chris!
PopCap Games Fun games Retro Crush The lists are fun.
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CustomersSuck.com Sad, funny. JoBlo.com Movie Reviews

Web Comics

PVP Online Daily User Friendly Daily - My favorite
Questionable Content Devil's panties Don't know why I like this.
Dilbert Nature studies, per Shmuel. Little Gamers Just read it.
Get Fuzzy WereGeek
TMI Not for the kids.