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Geek, as in techno-geek, a complimentary term.

Links on this page are ones that I use at least semi-regularly. It is by no means a comprehensive list, and changes with my current interests.
See the CBT Tape site for a much bigger link set on mainframe geek topics.

IBM links

IBM Redbooks z/OS Internet Library
z/OS Red Alerts Subscribe to e-mail alerts LookAt
CICS Main Page DB2 Main Page
IMS Main Page WebSphere MQ Main Page

Mainframe Assembler

Dave Alcock's S/390 Assembler Tips Abe Cornelius' links Page
dmoz Assembly S/370 HLASM Home Page
HLASM Library Simotime.com
Xephon Journal Archives

Miscellaneous Geek Stuff

Geek News links Clay Shirky Commentary on Internet issues
Internet Traffic Report How busy is it? How fast is your connection?
UNIX Rosetta Stone acronymfinder.com

Newsgroups and Forums

alt.sysadmin.recovery bit.listserv.ibm-main
bit.listserv.asm370 bit.listserv.ispf-l
bit.listserv.tsorexx bit.listserv.vmesa-l
WebSphere Application Server WebSphere User Group
Defcon Forums Tek-Tips Discussion boards
Coding Forums TechieOne, Forum Links

Open Source and/or Free Software I actually use

CBT site has tons of links, so I've removed dupes from my page. Ad-Aware Malware protection. Don't compute without it.
CBT Tape Sharing for decades (MF) The Hercules Project Mainframe on a PC or Mac
HTML-Kit Validator, editor, and more Notetab Powerful PC editor, $4.95
Opera Free Web Browser. I love it. Spybot Like Ad-Aware, it's on all my PCs.


ACM Association for Computing Machinery Computer Measurement Group
IEEE Computer Society Electronic Frontier Foundation
NASPA SHARE IBM Mainframe User Group

PC and Windows links

Annoyances.org Windows annoyances. Fun! Free PC Tech Just what it says
PC Task List PC File Extensions

Scams and Hoaxes

Hoaxbusters CIAC ScamBusters
Snopes Check here before forwarding that email

Security Info and Productss

Also see the links elsewhere on this page for Ad-Aware and SpyBot.
They're free. Use them.
Ben Edelman Adware and Spyware Info CA Decent security product line
CERT F-secure Used to be DataFellows
Gibson Research Various Security Topics Insecure.org Resource for distributed platforms
McAfee A solid anti-virus product Security Focus
Sophos Anti-spam and anti-virus Symantec The makers of Norton products
Vmyths Virus hysteria countered

Swag: T-Shirts, Books, Toys

Think Geek Computer Gear

Time and Calendar

Sources for Time Zone and Daylight Savings Time - Unbelievably informative Perpetual Julian Calendar
World Clock - Cities around the world. World Time Zones Courtesy USNO
Nice world map showing local time. Commercial British site good info.
Paul Sadowski's Site with some fun stuff. How many seconds since you were born? Claus Tondering's site. FAQ on calendars from various cultures and times.

Web Authoring

Web Pages That Suck Just so. The Daily Sucker Direct to the Daily Hall of Shame
Webmaster World Good advice, much of which I've ignored. W3C XML Spec
HTMLDog XHTML, CSS tutorials, articles, etc w3schools XML
An XML Primer An Accessibility Guide